board members

Dr. Elsaid A. Yeboah,
Chairman of the Board

Dr. Elsaid A. Yeboah brings three decades of diverse business and leadership experience to Heart First Aid Africa. His professional journey began in 1989 in Italy, where he assumed the role of a trainer at “Ricera and Cooperazione.” During this time, his responsibilities included evaluating and providing support for the development of proposals for rural projects that were to be presented to the Italian government and various European nations for financial backing.

Dr. Yeboah had a long and distinguished career at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, spanning from 1984 to 2010. During this time, he played a crucial role in directing development projects aimed at addressing critical issues such as food security, poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, and agro-processing in Ghana and other African nations. These projects were made possible through funding from various donors. Dr. Yeboah’s expertise and leadership were instrumental in driving positive change and improving the lives of communities across the continent.

Dr. Yeboah holds a distinguished educational background. He completed his undergraduate studies at Farmers College in Stuttgart, Germany, where he was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences by the esteemed Center for Economic and Social Action Training. Building upon this foundation, Dr. Yeboah went on to pursue advanced studies in Development Economics, earning both a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate from St. Thomas Aquinas University in Rome. His impressive academic achievements reflect his commitment and expertise in the field of development economics.

Now retired, Dr. Yeboah continues to actively contribute to various boards and committees. He holds the esteemed position of board member at MUDI Company Ltd., where he brings valuable insights and expertise to the table. Additionally, he serves as the esteemed Chairman of the Technical Committee for the Farm Board. In this capacity, Dr. Yeboah provides invaluable technical advice to both the Farm Board and Co-operative Society Board, greatly enhancing their operations and decision-making processes.

Dr. Yeboah’s extensive expertise plays a crucial role in advancing the mission of Heart First Aid Africa. Through his ongoing involvement and contributions, he serves as a cornerstone in providing essential leadership and technical guidance to the organization’s initiatives. His dedication and commitment greatly contribute to the success and impact of Heart First Aid Africa’s endeavors.

Dr. Percy Ray Johnson

Dr. Percy Ray Johnson is the Chair of the Victory International Group of organizations. Dr. Johnson is a missionary from the United States to Africa and has trained over 10,000 distinguished and highly-recognized clergymen over the course of his 30-year career in the field. He serves as a pastor of pastors and a renowned patriarch to a multitude of young men and women.Before beginning his missionary journey, Dr. Johnson had a successful and highly regarded career in the insurance industry.

Guided by an unyielding faith and fueled by a strong passion to assist others, Dr. Johnson has embarked on a new chapter as a dedicated advocate for his beliefs. His main goal is to provide extensive training to pastors, empowering them to better serve their communities in Africa. He firmly believes that by equipping these spiritual leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, positive transformation can be catalyzed throughout the continent. Dr. Johnson remains dedicated to this cause and is committed to their continued development and growth.

Dr. Percy Ray Johnson brings a valuable combination of educational expertise, spiritual leadership, cross-sector insights, and an extensive network to Heart First Aid Africa. His deep understanding of the corporate landscape plays a crucial role in establishing partnerships with like-minded businesses and organizations committed to healthcare initiatives.

Mrs. Mavis Tsootso okang-Afoakwah

Mrs. Mavis Tsootso Okang-Afoakwah is a highly experienced and certified Thanatologist who has dedicated her career to providing exceptional grief counseling services to families. With numerous years of expertise in this field, she offers invaluable support to individuals before, during, and after the loss of a loved one. As the esteemed founder and executive director of Ripples Healthcare, a non-profit organization situated in Accra, Ghana, Mrs. Okang-Afoakwah leads a team that specializes in palliative care. Ripples Healthcare provides a comprehensive range of multidisciplinary services, including home care, ensuring that individuals receive the utmost care and compassion throughout their journey. Although based in Accra, the impact of Mrs. Okang-Afoakwah’s organization extends beyond borders, serving clients in various parts of the world, including the United Kingdom and India.

Mrs. Tsootso Okang-Afoakwah, a motivated and ambitious professional, played a pivotal role in establishing Ghana’s NVTI career credentialing program shortly after Ripples Healthcare’s inception. She successfully advocated for the inclusion of City and Guilds in the program. Leveraging Ripples Healthcare’s non-profit status, Mrs. Okang-Afoakwah proactively collaborated with prominent international organizations. Her partnership with VITAS Innovative Hospice Care from the United States resulted in the first-ever end-of-life palliative care lecture in Ghana. Furthermore, she closely worked with Friends of Ostomates Worldwide in Canada to supply critical medical resources to individuals and institutions, including the prestigious Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana.

Mrs. Okang-Afoakwah is a dedicated and determined professional, renowned for her strong work ethic and ambitious mindset, which have earned her well-deserved respect within the community. Her recognition of the significance of family dynamics in healthcare settings harmonizes with Heart First Aid Africa’s comprehensive approach to promoting community well-being.

Pastor Kevin Kingsley kotei Nikoi

Pastor Kevin Kingley Kotei Nikoi, a minister of the gospel and social entrepreneur, combines his roles as a marketing and communication professional with his calling as a pastor and teacher. As a social entrepreneur, Pastor Kevin (as we affectionately call him) has initiated numerous projects aimed at addressing the pressing needs of the less fortunate. He firmly believes that every individual deserves equal opportunities and access to basic necessities such as education, healthcare, and clean water.

Pastor Kotei Nikoii has received his BA (hons) in Christian Education and Counseling and a diploma in Marketing and Public Relations. Passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, he founded Love Bridges to create positive change in society. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of love and compassion, he envisioned a world where individuals from all walks of life could come together to build bridges of understanding, empathy, and support. Love Bridges serves as his platform for disseminating this message and motivating others to accompany him on this profound journey of transformation.

Currently, he serves as director of the Victory International Group and as the Chief Executive Officer of Choyce Wellness Solutions, a health food store. In his role as director of the Victory International Group, he oversees the strategic direction and overall operations of the company. With his extensive experience in business management and a keen eye for identifying market trends, he plays a crucial role in driving growth and ensuring the company’s success.

Pastor Kevin Kingley Kotei Nikoi’s multifaceted background in social entrepreneurship, education, and leadership positions him as a valuable contributor to Heart First Aid Africa. His commitment to equality, compassion, and positive transformation aligns closely with the organization’s mission and holds the potential to make a significant impact on the communities it serves.

About Founder

Alima Toure, a global health performance leader with over a decade of international experience, excels in administrative practices, health education, and bedside care. Alima’s diverse educational background in Applied Health Science, Healthcare Management, and Public Health has equipped her with a strong foundation in both the theoretical and practical aspects of healthcare. Her expertise in administrative practices ensures efficient operations and high-quality care, while her background in health education enables her to effectively communicate important health information to diverse populations, promoting wellness and disease prevention.

Alima’s commitment to public health is evident in her mission to educate and empower others, promoting sound healthcare practices and disease prevention. By organizing complimentary events and community engagement programs, she imparts valuable knowledge and fosters a sense of solidarity and collective responsibility.

A significant aspect of Alima’s journey involved her impactful role as a contributor to a daily health segment on a nationally syndicated radio show in Ghana. Through this platform, she was able to reach millions of listeners nationwide, through which she shared vital health tips and information.  She particularly emphasized guidance on providing assistance during health emergencies, stressing the importance of ensuring the well-being of affected individuals until they can receive professional medical help.

Alima’s steadfast belief in healthcare as a fundamental human right drives her advocacy for a system that transcends geographical, socioeconomic, and educational disparities. This aligns with Heart First Aid Africa’s mission and vision, which strive to create a future where every individual possesses the essential tools and resources needed to maintain optimal health.