Board of Directors

Dr. Elsaid A. Yeboah
Chair, Board of Directors

Dr. Elsaid A. Yeboah began his career in 1989 in Italy as trainer for “Ricerca and Cooperazione” where he examined and participated in the drafting of proposals for funding projects in Africa that were presented to the Italian government and EU-African desk.  Dr. Yeboah held several key positions at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization from 1992 to 2011, including development projects in Ghana and other African countries financed by various donors in the areas of food security, poverty reduction, environment and agro-processing in Ghana and in other African countries. 

 In his next role as Executive Director of NGO’s in Ghana, Dr. Yeboah was praised for his involvement in reforming the organization and building resilient communities through social interventions.

Dr. Yeboah is a graduate of the Farmers college in Stuggart, Germany.  The Centre for Economic Social Action Training awarded him a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences (CESTEA).  He then earned a Master’s degree in development economics and a doctorate in development economics from St. Thomas Aquinas University in Rome.

Now retired, Dr. Yeboah sits on numerous boards and committees.

Dr. Percy Ray Johnson

Dr. Percy Ray Johnson is the chair of the Victory international group of organizations. A missionary to Africa from the United States, Dr. Johnson, a missionary from the United to Africa, has trained over 10, 000 distinguished and highly recognized clergymen over the course of his 30-year career in the field. A pastor’s pastor and a renowned patriarch to a large number of young men and women.

Dr. Johnson has trained over ten thousand prominent  and well-respected ministers for the last 30 years. A Pastor’s Pastor and a celebrated patriarch to many young men and women.

Dr. Johnson had an illustrious career in the insurance industry prior to starting on his missionary journey.


Mrs. Mavis Tsootso okang-Afoakwah

Mrs. Mavis Tsootso Okang-Afoakwah is a certified Thanatologist with many years of experience in providing a unique grief counselling service to families before, during and after the loss of a loved-one.  She is the founder and executive director of Ripples Healthcare, an Accra-based non-profit organization.  Ripples Healthcare specializes in palliative care and offers a range of multidisciplinary services, including home care.  Despite being based in Accra, her firm’s great work has clients in other parts of the world such as in the United Kingdom and India.

Shortly after creating Ripples Healthcare, Mrs. Tsootso Okang-Afoakwah, a self-driven and goal-oriented professional helped establish Ghana’s NVTI career credentialing program.  She was also essential in the program’s acceptance of City and Guilds.

Mrs. Tsootso Okang-Afoakwah leveraged on Ripples Healthcare’s non-profit status to connect with major global organizations.  Her collaboration with the United States’ VITAS Innovative Hospice Care facilitated Ghana’s first End-of-Life Palliative Care lecture, and she worked with Friends of Ostomates Worldwide in Canada to provide critical medical supplies to individuals and institutions such as Ghana’s renowned medical institution,  Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

Mrs. Okang-Afoakwah is married and has two children.  She lives in Accra, Ghana.

Pastor Kevin Kingsley kotei Nikoi

Mr. Kevin Kingley Kotei Nikoi is a social entrepreneur and Minister of the gospel.  He is a marketing and communication professional and a Pastor/Teacher by calling.

Mr. Kotei Nikoii has received his BA (hons) in Christian Education and Counseling and a diploma in Marketing and Public Relations.  Passionate about making a difference in people’lives, he founded the Love Bridges to create a positive change in society.  

Currently, he serves as a director to the Victory International Group and as the Chief Executive of Choyce Wellness Soltuions, a health food store.